Q: I am tired of shaving every day. In the past few years, has laser hair removal improved, is it suitable for me?

A: Today's laser hair removal machine are more advanced and reduce hair growth. They also cost less than they cost when they first went public; you can now pay $250 for the upper lip to $750 for the leg. But it's worth noting that even with all these advances, there's no guarantee that everyone will get the same results, says Kathleen Gilmore, a doctor who specializes in laser hair removal in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Before deciding to succeed, keep the following in mind:

• The laser works best on black and light skin. Low-energy light targets the pigments in the hair follicles and the damage caused by them is sufficient to slow future growth. “The light is attracted to the light like a magnet,” Gilmore explained. “Because blonde hair doesn't have too much pigment, the laser doesn't tend to be like dark hair.” If your skin is naturally dark or tanned (even if it's self-tanning), the diode laser hair removal machine won't detect its black hair.

• You will not get results immediately. Hair goes through a growth phase and two dormancy periods, usually within two to four months. Therefore, as more hair grows, you need extra treatment, about four weeks apart.

• It is not without pain. It feels like a rubber band sticking to the skin. To remove the edge, use acetaminophen in advance, or ask your doctor to prescribe an anesthetic cream (apply 30 minutes in advance). Afterward, slight redness and swelling are normal.